Grant my last request

First week of the term is done so I have more or less 5 weeks before I go for another short break. The first week of school has just been sooo dragging and I reckon it would still continue. My teachers are cool I guess. I knew some of classmates because they were my blockmates before but the thing is I’m not close with them so I act so awkward around them ++ my new classmates annoy tf out of me like gosh huhu I’m not sure if it’s that one person who insulted me before or if it’s because I’m classmates with boys who thinks they’re cool but they end up being jej.  HAHAHAHA Just kidding I don’t want to judge so you do you pare. You do you.

Ugh moving on. Since I’m only until 1:30 everyday, I can hang with my friends after school woop woop. I was supposed to watch a movie with my friends yesterday but Kyla couldn’t (THIS IS UR SHOUTOUT YOU’RE WELCOME). So since my other friend really wanted to watch a movie, I also agreed to see one after school to kill time since I didn’t have to do anything at home. My friend and I was supposed to see Insidious 3 but everyone we asked told us it was boring so we saw Jurassic World and it was sooo soo good. Legiiit. 10/10, would recommend. The old bae, Chris Pratt + new bae Nick Robinson + genetic killer dinosaur  = heart eye emojis x 100

Earlier this week, I also thought of getting a part time job like tutoring kids or something because idk I just need extra money so I don’t always get from my parents and I would also want to save up for travelling and for my future car HAHA. I also thought of being a Youtuber earlier on this week while I was in class.

Speaking of Youtubers, Joe Sugg and Caspar Lee are going here next week guguugh 😦 😦 IM SO SAD BUT I HOPE THEY GO TO THE CITY WHERE I LIVE AFTER THE SHOW. Apparently, Oli’s going too HUHU. Joe also mentioned the PH thrice on his latest vlog.

Today is the 21st and it’s father’s day. So happy father’s day to my dad, I can never thank you enough for teaching me how to own up to my mistakes, for making me realize at a young age that I’m not cut out for any sport and for the thick eyebrows yooo. Happy father’s day to all the dads out there also! Now that today is the 21st, we’re down to the last 30 days of me being 16. I do not know how to feel about it because 17 would mean the last year of me being a minor. WHAT.


That is aall xx




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