Uptown funky woop


Finally done with the first semester of college. Can you believe it? Can youuu? I survived 6 months of academic and emotional torture. Now I’m ready for Christmas break and my grades /well kinda/ Idk wow. HAHAHA. Anyway I learned a lot from my first sem of college and I don’t really want to go on with that because I’m not really feeling emosh/senti today.

So on my last day of school (which was Thursday) my highschool friends and I exchanged gifts. I gave one of my friends a shirt. I gave another friend a pair of sunglasses which I split with a friend, an aromatherapy lip balm and lip scrub for the Iguana aaand notebook/post its for my highschool batchmates who happen to be my blockmates so yeah. Also I gave my Block 1 Lunch Buddies mason jars with candy and chocolate.

And in return I received a book I’ve been wanting for so long. It’s Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins… with a condom as a bookmark. LOL. No I’m serious my friends put a bookmark inside the book and like fortunately I opened the gift at school so it was less embarrassing. Obvi I can’t keep the condom and what the hell would I do with it so I put it in the jar full of candies and told my friend who was going to the Cantata to give it to our classmate because idk funny and her mom’s not around most of the time so she could really keep it hahaha. And also the condom came from my friend’s blockmate HAHA bc they don’t really have the guts to buy one and I’m pretty sure they can’t because they’re still minors.

Now that it’s Christmas break and 2014 is ending in like 10 days I have a ton to do!! I need to update my journal because the last time I did that was still July? So I need to update that. Also I need to catch up on Vlogmas, AHS and Awkward. But I have a lot of time for that. I also need to do my year end posts (yes postS). So those posts would be up on the 29th-31st. 🙂 And I’ll be posting Christmas specials later or tomorrow. HAHA. Okay. And I’m back to watching Vlogmas and What’s in my car videos. Lolz.

That is aall xx




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