poured my aching heart into a pop song

Hiii lovely people xx

So Freakshow started this week and I know it’s too early to say this but  I could already see that it’s better than Coven afjdfna. Also it’s the last season of Jessica Lange 😦

As for school, I don’t remember anything hahaha

I’m having a hard time saving uppp ugh like I said a few blogposts ago, I need to get all my wants this 2014 before it ends. And I only have 3 months to save up uGHHH


there are rumors that Steal My Girl MV will be released tomorrow but idk I don’t trust my fandom

Also I watched Annabelle yesterday with my friends. HA HA HA. I kept screaming I swear it wasn’t /that/ scary. It was the jumpy scenes that made me scream yes beCAUSE I WAS 3 ROWS FROM THE SCREEN ITSELF BEAT THAT. Kids, never buy any dolls for your future wife. And don’t cook popcorn.

Idk wow this was a short post. I suck at writing posts 😦 Sorry lolz I promise to make my blog posts longer and have more content idk but soon I’m too busy with school stuff and fangirl stuff sigh

Oh oh please follow me on Tumblr! 🙂

That is aall xx



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