I know you never let me down before


Steal My Girl by One Direction

I Love You by Alex and Sierra

Long Way Home by 5SOS (Just because)

Oh Calamity by All Time Low

Red Lights by Tiesto

All About That Bass (cover) by Emblem 3

Leaving California by Maroon 5

Hey LA by Ryan Beatty

Fireproof by One Direction

Little Things by Good Charlotte

She’s Electric by Oasis

BO$$ by Fifth Harmony

Chances by Five For Fighting

If It Means A Lot To You by A Day To Remember

The Great Divide by The Mowgli’s

One Of Those Nights by Shawn Mendes

Back To You by Alex and Sierra

After Midnight by Blink-182

I Want To Hold Your Hand by The Beatles

1998 by Matthew Koma

You’re Still a Mystery by Bleachers

Jukebox (Life Goes On) by The Summer Set

So WWA is finished. I just wow. I remember being on the bus stuck at EDSA for like an hour watching the first WWA show through Vines and people were staring at me because I was smiling and giggling and I just. ASRFKNGA (#tbt hahaha). And today marks the last show of 5SOS opening for them and the last time we’ll probably hear songs from Midnight Memories. I’m crying so so hard.

Anyway, I am so not happy with my grades. I need to work v hard this Midterms to get a high final grade in some of my subjects 😦

Also, no classes today and (I think) we don’t have classes again on Wednesday and Saturday idk. Yaaa.

I had a weird dream about the blockmate of my friends? Idk gosh. It was so so weird and I think I just dreamed of him because he dropped us off and I find him funny? I DONT KNOW I DO NOT LIKE HIM (or do I? ooOoH stay tuned on the next episode of “Is he bae-able or nah?”) (1/2 jk I really don’t like him ok)

I sang in front of my blockmates last Thursday for the first time idk

I don’t know what else happened this week!!! HAH


That is aall xx



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