Even if the sun crashes into us

Hello burritos. The queen is back. Wowowow I’ve been in zombie mode for the whole week because of Prelims. One fact about me is that I never really study for exams. I read my notes and all that yes but memorizing terms and whatnot, I don’t. Because I was used to exams only being 25% of the grade so it’s okay to fail plus it’s all multiple choice, even Algebra. BUT APPARENTLY IN MY PROGRAM, IT’S 50%  AND IT’S NOT ALL MULTIPLE CHOICE SO LOL @ ME.

Anwaaay, I bought a lot of stuff this week. /don’t judge I needed to treat myself after hell week/. I bought very cute socks and a necklace with a cloud and lightning bolt pendant.  I also had potato balls and I shall buy a caramel frap tomorrow.

Also I need to prepare myself for my grades. HAH. I did not do well this prelims because if I did, I’ll just chill for the rest of Midterms and Finals. So yes. Hah.

September is also ending which means October EHEHE. October means autumn (even though we don’t have autumn here), halloween and AHS.

Have you seen the new Awkward episode? Oh wow Eva you irrelevant then, you more irrelevant now.

/and remember in my post 2 weeks ago where i talked about you yes yes im going to talk about you again because i can’t even uh i saw you twice this week well just once but ok the first one counts too but hah ok i know u saw me too and sorry if i didnt say hi because i literally ran for my life /jk i did not run/ i know it wouldnt matter even if i did because it would only affect me and not you and u would probs would be like cool nice seeing u and just forget about it and i would be here playing the 3 seconds of my awkwardness on loop and being emotionally distressed for 6 months because of it HAHAHAHA I NEED A GRIP I DONT EVEN LIKE YOU ANYMORE YOU WERE MY HIGH SCHOOL CRUSH YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO STAY THERE AND NOT HAUNT ME HAhaHAHA WHAT THE HELL AM I SAYING #dramallama but ya ok it was nice seeing u again im glad u still exist thank you for pulling a emma roberts “suprise bitch i bet you thought you’d seen the last of me” on me/


I also heard 19 seconds of Steal My Girl and I have already decided that it is and it will be my new jam.

Okay I made up my mind I’m getting a nano instead of an iTouch for Christmas. (Hopefullyyy)

I’ll start saving up for December so I can buy nice gifts for mi crew. HAHA.

Okay that is aall xx



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