my happy little pill, take my away

I’m sorry I didn’t update before summer ended. There was supposed to be a last post for Summer 2014. But oh well. // Also, I’m back to updating weekly. And here’s what happened to me on my first week of college (this is my first post about college WOW idk):

-On the first day (Monday), we were supposed to go to school in the morning but I didn’t. Haha. I was like oh well no one’s going to school anyway and I followed the sched that was given to me. I met up with batchmates at Mcdo. After catching up and shiz, we went to the gym and the line to go there was so long. Like wow. But thank God, there were 2 batchmates who let us cut in line. (Also thank God for batchmates). The orientation lasted for 4 hours, it was okay but unlike my 1st day orientation back in highschool I wasn’t nervous at all.

-Tuesday : We had regular classes and my first subject was P.E. Oh wow. Buut good thing, I have 2 blockmates who are my batchmates. Yaaas. One, I was classmates with for my sopho and junior year. The other, I was classmates with during junior year. We’re not that close but it’s alright, they’re alright because they’re nice and at least they talk to me. If I wasn’t blockmates with any of my batchmates I’d probably be a loner. Haha. Anyway, our P.E teacher’s funny and nice. Then we had 3 hours break because we didn’t consume the whole 2 hours. Also, I have a cute blockmate (I’ll talk about him later) and a cute classmate in Histo. Fast forward to dismissal, we had to walk because the line for the jeepney was so long. Ugh.

-Wednesday: Another orientation.  It was meh. Also, I got lost while looking for my friends. College lyf is tough especially when your on the other side of the mountain (WHAT HAHAHA). We don’t have 7/11, McDo, Jolibee, etc. Wew. We had lunch at a bar HAHAHAHA (kidding) then we had to rush because some of us had 1:30 class. Whereas for us, our next class was still 2:30. Anywayyy, that’s all I can remember.

-Thursday: My class starts 12:30, but I had to be there 8:30 because I had to meet up with my groupmates to do a project. Good thing, my friends had breaks in the morning. (yaaas). Okay now moving on, I’m seatmates with the cute blockmate and I’m ajshjtbat. I didn’t talk to him that day because I was too shy. HAHAHA. Now I have to look forward to every TThS to talk to him (LOLZ LANDI). I fell down the stairs and hurt my back. Thus, Salonpas is my new bff.

-Friday: OUR ALGEB TEACHER IS V NICE. I NEVER HAD A NICE ALGEBRA TEACHER. AND I GET WHAT SHE WAS SAYING. I UNDERSTAND MATH. #GENIUZ. Jk. I partly understand it because all the lessons we’ll be having this sem is college algebra. I had college algebra last year. So yey. Sometimes, I’m actually really thankful for the curriculum I had when I was in highschool. It was tough back then, but I understand why they taught challenging things to us that time, it was because they wanted us to have an easy college life. I guess? Idk what I’m even saying it’s only 11 in the morning. HAHA. Also, when I was in highschool, I always looked forward to Friday because it’s the last day of classes. But not anymore. You have nothing to look forward to in college (I KID HAHAHA). The things you’ll look forward to are early dismissal and no prof so you can go early.

– Saturday: HUGE FAIL. I thought my class was 11:30 so I woke up at 9:30 and started rushing. My service wasn’t there yet so I had to take a cab. When I arrived at school, I knew something was wrong. I didn’t see any of my blockmates and good thing I didn’t enter the room. That’s when I realized I had the same sched for Thursday. Ugh ugh. On the bright side, my friend had her break and we hung out a bit. Fast forward to Engl, I made the boy laugh I’m aisaghtay hEHEHH. He also knows my name already like?? Idk. But I’m not that kilig unlike when I was in highschool with you know who?? HAHA. Maybe I matured because now I know the difference of being friendly and flirting with people. Aw yaaas. Hahaha. Anyway, I don’t like him. Like I want him to be my friend but he’s not my crush? I’m done with crushes. All they do is ruin your academic life. I’ll stick to boyband members from now on. Hahahaha.

-TRXYE is out!!! Fun is my fave song out of the EP.

– I miss highschool so much I 😦 But it’s probably because I’m still adjusting and it’s only been a week anyway.

-I wish I can make more friends by next week. Hahaha.

-But I miss my friends.

-I don’t feel at home at college. Well not yet. But I hope I will be. I miss my friends, I miss my teachers even though some of them probably hate me or don’t miss me HAHAHA, I miss my batchmates. I just miss everything about highschool (Except probably some subjects) :(((

– Also the acceptance video at TCA’s of 5SOS. Thank you for doing that.  Also Ashton will regret that but I will never regret seeing that ;). That’s the closest I can get. (you know what I mean ;)) HAHA.


That is aaall xx




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