life hacks: back to school edition

These 15 life hacks will help you survive the whole school year, I promise. (Jk not all of them but…)

i.Know all the bathrooms in each building/floor. Because duh what if you have a pee or poo emergency and you don’t know where to go? Also know which ones are used the most and the not so used, the closest one to your room and yeah.

ii. Charge your phone the night before or always just bring your charger with you. Aside from your notebooks and pens, charger and earphones are your bffs. Okay so one time I left home with just 50% and the last thing I remember from that day is running from school to the mall to charge my phone. Yes, this actually happened and because I care for all of you I want y’all to bring a charger and not leave the house with just 50%. Also, if you don’t want to bring a charger, I suggest you save up for a powerbank. 😉

iii. Queue Tumblr posts.  Basically, you click on the reblog button on the post you want to queue, (yes just click not alt+click), look for the reblog button and hit the arrow beside it. A drop down menu (?) will appear and you hit add to queue. Tadaaa you just saved yourself from failing (both academically and blogging)

iv. Have a study mix. If you don’t have one, there are lots of  studying playlists on Spotify and 8tracks. Also add some songs you don’t really know because of course if you listen to songs you know by heart. you’ll just sing your heart out instead of studying your heart out.

v. Can’t memorize constants/equations? Save them on your calculator. This is cheating but oOooOHhh who cares. I didn’t do this in high school because constants were always given to us so lol @ me. So you just type how to use the memory function of your calculator on Google and boom. You’re welcome. Also, don’t tell anyone if you’re going to do this because you can get in a lot trouble. So once the quiz is done, clear the memory.

vi. Gummy bear trail technique. I’m bad at explaining so yeah like that haha

Leave yourself a gummy bear trail when reading.

vii. Headache? Drink a bottle of Gatorade. Apparently, it works. I haven’t tried this because if I get a headache I just sleep it off even if I’m at school so um yeah.

viii. Put Vaseline/petroleum jelly before you put on perfume on the back of your neck, behind your ears, your calves, your wrists if you want for it to last all day. Also if you don’t want to do that, you could always bring little travel sized bottles with your perfume in it so you don’t have to bring the whole bottle.

ix.  Yellow pad paper will be your life saver. I like using the yellow pad paper for writing long essays and using it as a scrap paper for math.

x. Make songs to help you remember the topic you studied. I’m pretty sure all of us can remember lyrics to a song, righhht?

xii. Watch tutorial videos on Youtube if you don’t understand a topic. Sometimes, you’ll learn more and you can pause.

xiii. If you’re hurrying, Times New Roman is the fastest font to read. 

xiv. Always have gum or breath spray with you. 

xv. Open your phone’s recorder, read out what you’re reviewing, and save it. Then write what you just said while listening to it. It will help you memorize it easier. 

 That is aaall xx



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