June Faves


So I only have like 5 June faves because I’m too lazy to blog (HA HA this is what happens when you leave school and don’t come back within a reasonable time frame. I’m not going back to school in another month and a half so bare with me I’m dumb and just don’t know what I’m saying half of the time so)

5SOS album – I mentioned this on my other blog post. THIS ALBUM IS LIKE DABOMB.COM. I literally waited 3489485 years for the studio versions of Voodoo Doll, Eighteen, Amnesia, Green Light. Especially Green Light because that was the first ever songs I heard from them. So you guys go check out and buy the 5SOS album. 🙂

Sam Smith – If you don’t know him you were probably living under the rock for the past 2 months or so. Y’all need to hear this guy sing. When he sings, somewhere a unicorn is born like wOAH HIS VOICE IS JUST ASDANGHAJN. Nirvana and Stay With Me are my top 2 songs by him but I like Latch too so idk haHA.

Eleanor and Park – OKAY SO I BOUGHT THIS BOOK LAST APRIL AND I HAVEN’T FINISHED IT. To be honest, I included this just so I can finish it and move on with my life. I reaaally need to read a new book. I really liked the plot of the story because it’s not cliche, it’s just that I didn’t like the writing style of the author  (I’M SORRY OKAY OMG NO OFFENSE) but yeah idk it was a pretty good book that made me feel feels. Oh and if this gets turned into a movie, cast Calum Hood as Park L O L. 3.7/5 stars

EOS lipbalm – I wanted one of these bad boys for a long timeee and finally my godmother arrived and gave me one lol yey. I have the Honeydew (?), the green one. Lol. It’s really moisturizing and smells nice.

Okay that is aaall xx



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