I can see the stars from America


✨ The night after our stars ✨

I watched The Fault In Our Stars last Monday with two of my friends and I was supposed to post this yesterday but last night, my other friend asked me if I wanted to watch TFIOS and even if I just saw it, I said yes. But when we got at the cinema awhile ago, the next showing of the movie was 4PM so we decided to watch Maleficent instead. (I watched Maleficent already by the way) But okay enough of that stuff.

So 2 hours before I cried my eyes out, my friends and I met at 11AM then we bought tickets for the 1PM show. To kill time, we went to Quantum to play some games and win some tickets to claim prizes because that’s what cool kids do. At about 12:25 we went back to the cinema and bought food. And wow I got a huge ass popcorn and my friends were like “You won’t finish that.” And I was like bitchez please, once we step inside I might have an emotional breakdown and food helps me calm me down. /I didn’t finish the popcorn/.

Anyway, we entered the cinema a bit too early. So I stayed in the bathroom for like 10 minutes because I didn’t want to see or hear the last few scenes. So when my friend told me it was clear and we could go find seats now, and as soon as we walked in the theater, the end credits were rolling and poof All Of The Stars started playing and after that T-Shirt by Birdy played and ugh / Queen Jasmine van den Boegarde/. So yeah we waited and then they finally dimmed the lights, showed trailers, commercials, even the ad for OTRA tour. By the time 20th Century thing came on, I swear by that time my heart started going crazy and I thought it was literally going to jump out of my body. I was so nervous and excited and I aisdhajbghk.

Can I just say that I loved the movie as much as I loved the book? This movie literally stayed faithful to the book. I remember watching a John Green vlog last year, I think(?) where he was on the set and he was telling how he was just imagining it and now it’s literally coming to life and it’s exactly how he imagined it? Well yeah, he was right. This movie paid attention not only to the huge details but also to the little ones. Also, can we all give a round of applause to the actors in this movie? Ansel just did a wonderful job (and he died again but this time because of cancer not because of a bucket), plus I am just in love with Ansel right now ugh. Shailene, you da one gurl. Nat, oh MY GOD I HAVE LOVED YOU SINCE YOU WERE 14 AND NOW THAT YOU’RE ALMOST 20 I STILL LOVE YOU.

Basically, here are the scenes where I cried:

-The swing set scene

-“Okay?” “Okay.” “Stop flirting with me!” 😦

-The where Gus gave Hazel flowers

-The picnic scene // Monkey Bones scene (The first one before they went to Amsterdam and the second when Gus was already sick)

-The restaurant scene when Gus told Hazel he was in love with her.

-Anne Frank house. Where they kissed asaGHNAdgN KILIG BUT I CRIED

-The gasoline station scene. That was so so intense. Like he just wanted to do something for himself and buy a pack of cigarettes.


-THE FUNERAL ITSELF when Hazel put the pack of cigarettes on Gus’ coffin. That was so emotional and beautiful.

– And I just lost it and cried like a baby when Hazel was reading Augustus’ eulogy for her.

So basically I cried the whole last hour of the movie.

Disappointments? I really wish they included Gus’ ex-girlfriend. And the day (?) when Gus died and Hazel goes on his wall on Facebook and reads things posted by his “friends”.  But ya okay I’m totes okay with it. My TFIOS rating?: 4.9/5. 🙂

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pain (pān/) (noun) – something that demands to be felt



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