May faves

Okay guys, I’m baaack! 🙂 As you can see, I changed my header and theme. Also, I updated my pages so go check them ouuut 🙂 I fixed the Categories part. New categories are: Blog announcements and College. Oh and comment down below if I should just  do just one category for high school and include both my junior and senior year posts.r

Okay let’s do thisss.





Nat and Alex Wolff – Remember the drummer and the lead vocals of the Naked Brothers Band? Well yeah. They have grown into fine boys. ULTRA F I N E boys. Ugh and puberty hit them like a bus. My heart is beginning to tingle for them again. You know what they say about first love, it never dies 😉 (Oooh and Nat is on The Fault In Our Stars so unf.)

One Direction // On The Road Again Tour – If you are my friend or you follow me on Twitter, you know what I’ve been through because of this boyband and you know I cried over them like a lot of times. Now they’re coming here in Manila and I can’t. I waited 3 years for this to happen. And I will do anything and everything I can to watch them live. HASHTAG TRU LUV. Oh and to those who are judging Zouis because of that video, go to hell. You have no right to judge them/tell them what to do because it’s their life, not yours. I think the media is forgetting they’re in their early 20’s. Even if they’re part of the world’s biggest boyband, they’re not perfect and they have their flaws too.


Spotify – 2 words for this app. TOO. AWESOME. This app/website is like 8tracks but you can see the songs of the mix  and you can choose what song to play. Yaaas. (Follow me: ugherika)


Once Upon A Time – I am not done with this but after 2 episodes, I have become obsessed with this. This isn’t twisted like my previous TV show on my April faves post, which is great because I need a break from the dark world of American Horror Story.


Band shirts – I want one so so bad but I can’t find one 😦

Converse all black High Tops – I have a white pair of Chucks but I just found out that black shoes can match any outfit so I want one.  And basically, Luke Hemmings have all black Vans and I want us to be like a cute couple but not in a creepy way because he doesn’t know that I’m his girlfriend so I’ll buy the black Converse type so we’ll still match. 😉

Boots – I couldn’t find a picture to describe the boots I bought recently but it’s like that one above minus the heels and the cut is a bit higher. Yes, I’m taking a break from AHS but I am totes not yet over Coven fashion. I think Zoe x Madison would be my style icons this 2014 (so that only means I’ll be wearing a lot of black)


This Is What Happy Looks Like by Jennifer E. Smith – Just google about this book because I’m too lazy. But I give this book 2.5/5 stars becaaause it was there, my love for it was already there but the ending failed me. I want to know what happened next. I want more. (Yaaas, I just gave it 2.5/5 stars and it’s on my May favorites. The only reason: I’m not yet done with Eleanor and Park, that should’ve been my May recommendation but This Is What Happy Looks Like is pretty good too so…)



Clairol Hydralicious Shampoo – I have hair probs because I have curly/wavy hair and this just helped and this is too amazeballs. I also tried the pink and red one 🙂 (Wait I think the red one isn’t Hydralicious)

Maybelline Baby Lips Mango Pie – I tried the Baby Lips mint (I forgot what it’s called) and it was one of the best lip balms I have ever tried. So I tried a new one from the Baby Lips line because why not? The scent is just so aishfgba. Another great thing about this, the scent is great but you can’t really taste it. I don’t like tasting lip balms. Bleh.


I’ll be back later or tomorrow for the playlist (Sorry if it’s late. But better late than never, right?)  That is all x Ooohh and I have a new post ender! 🙂



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