5 minutes of your life that you won’t get back

Holla my lovely nuggets x Here is a little something just to make up for the lack of posts hah. Umm, things are still pretty crazy because my room is getting re-painted, I still don’t know where to sleep later, books and clothes every where. And I don’t know where my laptop charger is so I’m pretty much screwed. (It’s probs there somewhere in a pile of junk I’m just too lazy to look for it)

But in other news, I’m working on a special summer blog post… sort of. Plus a new “segment” of this blog. So I’ll be back with all of that. In the meantime, here is Idiot ‘s Lantern’s cover of Jacksgap theme song 🙂  (Hence the title of this post yep)

That is all for now xx byeee




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