my type

Okay so I should’ve started this post 6 hours ago. But because I’m the queen of procrastination, I’m only starting it now.

So like whenever someone asks me what I look for in a boy I always answer “If someone is my type. They’re my type. If I like them, I like them. End of story” and they’re like oh okay

But recently, I stalked an old friend’s Tumblr. And umm she’s been posting “My Ideal Boyfriend” “What I look for in a boy” stuff. Bleh. Typical Tumblr jeje blogs. I mean there are really good blogs on Tumblr that are worth reading even though it’s Tagalog. Let’s just say her’s isn’t really that type of blog. I’m sorry if I’m mean but I’m telling the truth: Flashy theme and autoplay. Does that sound familiar to you? 2010 Tumblr.  (Okay fine let’s face it we all had that phase when we were just starting, but good thing we got over that okay).

Moving on, I just thought that I do have a type. I just don’t like boys. Because most of them are icky and gross. I like boys WHO ARE DORKS BUT HAVE PERFECT HAIR. On the outside their cool and shit but deep down inside there’s this one thing that triggers their dorkiness. I like adorkable boys. Lol. Examples of “adorkable” boys are Harry Styles, Dylan O’ Brien, Tom Fletcher and Niall Horan. Okay fine let’s include Marcel from BSE. Hahaha.

So if you’re a boy and I find you dorky. I’m sorry because I might fall in love with you.


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