You need to get lost, before you get found

So um yeah. I had another college entrance exam today. And I have a feeling that this would be it. You know what I mean? Like, I might be staying here for another 4 years. I won’t be away from home.

A few days ago (Lol like Thursday night), I decided to completely drop my hopes and dreams of being an architect. No more T-Square. No more tech pens. No more staying up until the wee hours of the morning finishing a plate. No more going to New York and being the female version of Ted. No more Archi.  [sobs uncontrollably] 

It’s really sad when you exchange your dreams for reality. And that’s the hardest part of growing up. But it’s life, I guess??? I should start taking risks. I should step down the sidewalk for once and walk at the side or even at the middle of the road.

Marketing is pretty good too. And I’m guaranteed (*crosses fingers*) to have a job in the future. Unlike Archi. Who knows if there would still be empty lots/spaces and people hiring architects to design a building in the future?

So yeah. And my parents wanted me to take up a business course ever since. They just didn’t tell me. They were happy when I told them I changed my mind and I’m taking up Marketing. And that made me realize to stop crying about me not being an architect. I want my parents to be proud of me. I want to give back to them for the love and care they gave me for the past 15 years. So that’s why I’m doing this.

I dreamed of being an architect. I wanted to experience the sleepless nights just to finish a plate, the sweat, blood. tears and hardwork just to pass a subject. I wanted to apply in a huge architectural firm and be successful. I want to live in New York and see my “masterpiece” every morning. But no, no. 

Instead, I’ll be a marketing girl. Yeah mofos. MARKETER LIKE MARCEL. NYEHEHE. 


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