Looking back


And tomorrow, when I wake up. I’ll be fifteen. Say whaaat. Yes, yes. It’s my birthday tomorrow. Yayyy? 🙂 Haha.

Looking back, being a fourteen year old was pretty awesome 🙂 I experienced a lot of things. The bad things that happened to me throughout my 14 year old life really made stronger. Like dealing with mean, heartless, people and finding out that I failed Physics and Trig on the same day. Also like people calling me names infront of me and behind my back and all da shit I’ve been through for the past 364 days, made me stronger.

And of course I won’t forget the good things that happened to me in my 14 year old life, those good things made me realize that I need to hang in here because if I stop and look around, life is still pretty amazing 🙂 Like the sun at 4 in the afternoon, fluffy blankets, hanging out with friends, milk tea and fries after a long day at school. Oh oh and when you get a high score in a L.E in Physics hyfr.

So here’s to new memories, and a new start. Here’s to never growing up. Cheers to the teenage years 😉 xx


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