Last night, I fell in love without you

This week has been so stressful I cannot even. So here’s a rundown of events that happened to me this week (Oh shoot, I forgot to do something like this last week. I probably will after this):

• Currently weerkkiin on our thesis. I always thought doing a thesis would be so easy because you just have to research on stuff and do paper work. But no, no. It’s not. You have to do experiments PLUS the research and paper work. I swear if we finish and our thesis would be successful, I will cry. Not even kidding. We really don’t care if our thesis will make it to the regionals. Oh and the fun part: Apparently our experiment exploded before it even began. Is that normal or are my group mates and I doing it wrong?

• Physics is easy and as usual, Algebra is a pain in the ass.

• During P.E, my teacher showed all of our videos when we were in 3rd year. I almost went out the room oh my god. My group’s video was so embarrassing you have no idea. It used to be uploaded on Vimeo but I deleted it because after watching it 2033958 times, I found it embarrassing already.

•I’m starting to dislike the boy named *RIVER in my class who sits at the back and makes yabang to everyone and makes jokes which are so freaking rude. Go AWAY WHY ARE U EVEN IN MY CLASS (*River isn’t his real name, but it’s close to that. Oh and his name is actually a play.)

• Batch meetings are stressful. Like can I not go to the batch meeting and just not exist. I really don’t care anymore what’s will our batch name, batch colors, design of the batch jacket be. 😛


• GUESS WHO THIS IS: *deep low voice with slang* “Shhh settle down” hahahahaha. hashtag swaggie lol jk

• I’m starting to be nice to all my classmates or at least I try to.

• The girl who was once my friend in grade school is now so annoying. I mean she whispers all the time to her seatmate about everything and after that they laugh. Oh and did I mention she’s like right in front of me. NO DAY PASSES BY WITHOUT HER WHISPERING IN SOMEONE’S EAR. I don’t even get why she whispers I mean you can always tell someone something without whispering it. I have a feeling it’s something mean about someone. She’s like begging me to stab her with a pen. Can you not?!? (I had no idea how annoying she is until now. I mean I’ve been friends with her for like 6 years before but idk) Oh and yeah, she was the friend who only hang out with me bc I used to give her and all my other friends stuff. So yeah… fuck you. I WAS A GULLIBLE CHILD AND I THINK I STILL AM OKAY.

• Can I just say that if it’s brownout and you’re room is located in the basement of the school, it’s like you’re at the gates of hell because sHIT IT’S SO HOT AND SO DARK I CANNOT EVEN.

•I’m starting to arrive late again.

•My 3 classmates are fangirls. I have a feeling I’m going to be close with them but I just don’t know how =((

• 2 of my friends are fans of McFly!!! Aaahhhh 🙂

•I watched Despicable Me 2!!! 🙂 So so awesome *sings I Swear in Minion language*. And watching Despicable Me 2 was the highlight of my week. It’s the only thing that made me happy, okay? 😛 Haha.

Enjoy the rest of your Saturday! I will be back to post what happened last week. 🙂



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