School supplies haul!!!

This is an overdue post. I went school supply shopping last week 🙂

*cue I Don’t Wanna Go To School by The Naked Brothers Band*

BUUUT shopping for school supplies has got to be one of the most exciting things I look forward to every year. I wanted to do a vlog for this, but I don’t have a good camera.  So I decided to post it here. (Just so you know, I am NOT in any way, bragging. I’m doing this post so you know what to buy and stuff.) And I’m sorry for the low quality pictures 😦
First, this A4 notebook with a flower design. Backstory: My mom left me for awhile last week because her friend called her to meet up. Since this notebook was the last one, I quickly grabbed it because I figured this would be a good notebook for Physics because last year, I consumed like 2 notebooks just for Physics. Plus, I chose this notebook for my Physics subject because first, it’s long. 2nd, it has a lot of space so I can solve it. 3rd, it’s as long as a bond paper so I can just staple handouts and problem sets.
2nd this Springleaf spiral notebook with a rainbow-ish design on it. I really like Springleaf notebooks. I used 2 of these last year, but the ones I used last year are of different designs  🙂 I might use this for Chem, English and Soc. Sci. But idk. It really depends, I’ll see first who my teachers this year.
These are super cute notebooks! I just got them because idk. They’re really really cute! I still don’t know what subjects should I use these for. But I think I want to use these for Math, Lit and use one for an extra notebook.
This “Too cool for school” notebook I only bought because it was really cute and like the floral A4 notebook, it was the only one left. Hashtag medyo lucky 😉
Notebook filers. I bought 2 already, just in case.
I spent 10 minutes trying to rotate this picture but I just couldn’t 😦 Pens + a set of highlighters + pencil lead and eraser + correction tape. I’ll buy more pens once school starts oh and I forgot to buy a pencil case but I’ll buy one once I go out.
“When your friend asks you paper, and 12 other kids ask you too” <- Me every year since 1st grade. I really don’t understand why the kids in school can afford expensive phones, go to different countries, buy Starbucks for lunch and yet they don’t own their own pad paper. It only costs like 20php-30php. That ain’t expensive. Lol.  So I also bought a new set of pad paper. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy your own because I ain’t sharin mah paper.
A school planner. This is my 3rd and last planner for highschool. It’s a Total Girl planner. I  wanted to buy the Candy one but it wasn’t spiral :\ And I don’t like bending the spine haha. This is really helpful especially when you don’t have an extra notebook to place reminders, assignments, etc. I also like this planner because of the cute doodles that you could stare at when the discussion is boring.
School shoes. I buy new ones every year because my shoe size gets bigger every year. Tip: Splurge on good quality school shoes so you don’t end up buying a new one every month. Or if you don’t have enough money, buy a cheap one first. Save up, and buy a good pair. I recommend Rusty Lopez, Figalo and if you saved up a lot, Gibi. I bought 2 this year for the reason that it’s my last year of wearing black shoes, all my life and I like wearing shoes, alternately. Especially during the rainy season. Plus, I don’t want to buy another one in the middle of the school year.
Lastly, I bought my school bag. It’s a Heartstrings backpack. 🙂 I wanted to buy a Jansport bag this year so it would be different, but I didn’t because it costs equivalent to at least 4 other bags, so that means, I can’t buy another one sometime in the school year if I get tired of my bag now. Guurrl I am not payin 3K for a bag. So yep. This bag’s big too but this one’s smaller than the one I had last year (You know the pink floral one? Haha.)
The things I have yet to buy are: a new set of colored pencils, clearbooks (but probably I’ll buy these when school starts bc color coding), a pouch , a pencil case, sticker paper, folders or a case where I can put papers in (idk what it’s called? But no it’s not  a clearbook.), an A4 case where I can put my fillers(I’ll buy this when I get my locker).
And I have yet to buy new pants and shirts because on Wednesdays, now that I’m an incoming senior (yay!), I’m not gonna wear team t-shirts anymore. So yep I need to buy more clothes (let’s all hope something fits me now that I KIND OF lost some weight :D) Haha. I’m going back to hell school on the 10th, how ’bout you guysss? 🙂


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