New Header, new theme, new background, new pages, new posts, new URL, new… everything.

I told you it’s getoutofmyheaaad v. 2.0 😉 But my URL is not getoutofmyheaaad anymore, it’s peaceloveanderika. 😉 So welcome

Explanation #1 (My URL): If I’m not mistaken, rockstars say “Peace, Love and Rock n’ Roll” before they end a concert. And because I never put my name in my URLs or usernames, I decided it’s time for change. So I played with “Peace, Love and Rock n’ Roll” for awhile, and tadaaa I ended up with peaceloveanderika

Explanation #2 (My header/blog title): It used to be You’re my Kryptonite, right? I changed it to “The thing about me and serendipity”. I really don’t know what’s between me and serendipity. But I think we have this connection. Serendipity means finding something good without looking for it. Throughout my life, I believed in serendipity as well as fate. Idk 🙂 It’s just that I believe in signs and stuff. So once something unexpected happens to me, not only God had played a part, but I believe serendipity and fate did too.

Explanation #3(New pages): I updated the ‘Elsewhere‘ page, I added new links plus an email so if you’re shy to comment you could just email me. I updated my ‘Girl On Fire‘ page. Deleted the one description because tbh, it was cheesy as fuck. I was 13 when I made that okay?! Haha. Plus, I added pictures of me heh 😛 There’s a new page, FAQ. I know some silent readers are shy to T.A me or comment, so I decided to put up that FAQ. 

Explanation #4 (New theme): IS MY THEME OK SUPERB OR WAT =)) hEHEHE. Oh and if ever the title of my latest post isn’t showing, refresh or just wait for it 🙂

And thank you to those who viewed my blog and read my post yesterday about  the semi-colon project 416 thing 🙂 119 viewsss and 101 visitors, crazy.  THANK YOU!!! MWAH


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