It was my last day of school yesterday! Heehee. Hello Sembreak ’12. My last school day for the 1st sem didn’t end that good :\ I’ll make kwento about it after I fix my blog. I’ll be back in a few days. Maybe 2-3 days, depends. I’ll change my theme (maybe, if I find a cute one). But I will definitely change my header, my background, tags, categories and my tagline… maybe even the About Page. I won’t change my URL tho. Pretty contented with ‘getoutofmyheaaad’. There were a lot, I mean A LOT of things that happened to me this month. Mostly happy and kilig moments. I have lots of plans too and it includes losing weight and shopping. Hehe. 😉 I’ll be sharing it to you guys when I come back in a few days.

Anyway, enjoy the rest of your sembreak xx

 {I  really like paper planes}

***credits to the photo I used above.***


EDITED (as of 10/28/12): This blog will be back on October 31. Please come back and visit on Wednesday 🙂 Thank you. xx


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